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Sharpen Your Senses


QUICKFAST  is a game designed by Mehrad Faridan & developed in cooperation with Edward Mah and Kamalpreet Mundi. This game tests your reaction speed, reflexes & hand-eye co-ordination. Inspired by my personal life experience living with ADHD, this game aims to improve your ability to focus as well as remember little details. Scroll down to view our development process.

The Concept Sketches

For our CPSC 581 course, we were tasked with developing an application for a specific individual or a target audience. The twist was that the entire user interaction would be limited to clicking (or pressing) a single button.

Yes, one button.

As you could imagine, it was difficult at first to come up with suitable ideas. Either our thoughts were too simple, or they were... boring. But as we brainstormed we began to come up with plenty of ideas. Below are my 10 sketches. If you're confused as to the target audience, don't worry. We had decided that I'd develop concepts that focused on the user's interaction with the button while Kam & Edward focused on target audiences. 

The DEtailed Sketches

Now it was time to refine our sketches. Our team wasn't sold on any one idea yet, but I knew what I wanted to go with: QUICKFAST. Something about it's simplicity, it's dexterity, it's adaptiveness... it spoke to me. I knew it was our best choice. A big factor was that games like QUICKFAST always managed to harness my attention span unlike anything else ever could. Something sadly far too rare for those with ADHD, like me.

Fundamentally, the idea was too simple. Just click the screen when the color changes? That's the whole idea? I felt that there was a lot more that could be explored with the simple concept of capturing a users' undivided attention & testing their reflexes. And so I set off to create some variations & more detailed sketches of the original QUICKFAST.

Below are 6 of my variations of QUICKFAST followed by a few variation sketches by my groupmates, some for other concept sketches.

The DEMo Video


Or You Can Play QUICKFAST By Clicking Here:

View QUICKFAST's Source Code By Clicking Here:

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